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Beautiful Skin At Any Age

Clinical-grade technology meets scientifically proven skincare

At Mandy T Skin Lab, our bespoke treatments are uniquely customised according to the condition of your skin on the day of your treatment and personally performed by our Founder and Certified Aesthetician, Mandy Leena Tan. We believe that every individual skin type is unique and takes pride in customising treatment plans for each individual according to their goals and expectations.

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Skin Expert to discuss your treatment options before any treatment. Each 60 to 90-minute minimally invasive treatment blends clinical-grade technology with scientifically proven products to give the skin exactly what it needs at that moment. Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Cryotherapy and Manipulation of the Facial Muscles are incorporated into our bespoke treatments that are based on the condition of the skin, rather than a type.


The results speak for themselves: Visibly brighter, hydrated, and firmer-looking skin in as little as an hour.

50 MINS - $180

The treatment uses technology that facilitates painless extraction of impurities from the skin, restoring suppleness and balance. 

A pure glow radiates from the freshly cleared complexion, letting the skin breathe freely. Cryotherapy therapy are used during this treatment to soothe the skin and ease the redness.


60 MIN  -  $200

An energizing treatment designed for men's skin, which is prone to external aggressions and irritation due to shaving. 

The treatment includes Microdermabrasion to deeply cleanse and purify the skin, as well as Ultrasonic to promote cellular renewal and repair and improves skincare product penetration.

90 MINS - $260

The Ultimate Age Antidote is Mandy’s signature service. This is the ideal pre-party treatment that delivers instant results for any red-carpet event with no downtime. This treatment is completely tailored to the needs of your skin on the day of treatment, with Mandy's signature manual and technological massage modalities combining to lift, sculpt, and hydrate your skin that's perfect for cameras.

This luxurious treatment includes a relaxing head, hands, and shoulders massage.

60 MINS - $220

Safe and non-invasive, this moisture-intensive treatment uses ultrasonic vibration to infuse vitamins, minerals and essential peptides deeper into your skin. This helps maximise the absorption of nutrients, instantly leaving your skin feeling hydrated, dewy and luminous.

35 MINS  - $120

Hit reset on your skin in just 35 minutes with our express treatment. Perfect for sneaking out during

work day and coming back dewy and refreshed.


This treatment uses botanicals and crystals with beneficial properties as active ingredients, as well as diamond microdermabrasion and an oxygen-peptide mist to leave your skin feeling and looking improved in a surprisingly short time.

20 MINS - $60

This exceptional sculpting treatment offers a unique alliance between skincare, technology and manual massage techniques to boost the regeneration of the eye contour. The eye area is smoothed and signs of fatigue are erased. 

25 MINS - $60

Arms and hands exfoliation and massage using award-winning body care products from Mandy T Skincare.

Scrub your way to silky-smooth skin with our body scrub's nourishing blend of wild honey and sweet almond oil. The scrubbing action stimulates circulation, thereby toning while moisturising the skin. All followed by a relaxing massage using Mandy T’s body cream.

25 MINS  - $100

The neck often ages faster than the face due to fewer sebaceous glands. This transformative targeted treatment uses Radio Frequency technology to reduce fine lines and loose skin around the neck and chin with results visible after just 30mins of the first session.

A luxurious firming mask is lathered on to impart a protective layer against free radicals.



Each bespoke treatment will include a complimentary one-to-one
skin consultation with our Skin Expert.

Mandy Leena Tan

Meet Mandy Leena Tan

Certified Aesthetician, Aromatherapist & Award-Winning Artisanal Skincare Maker

A global citizen and currently based in Singapore, Mandy has lived and worked in Munich, Paris, and Sydney with more than a decade of professional experience in the luxury skincare and beauty industries.


Mandy is professionally trained as a Certified Electrical Facial Aesthetician, with a special interest in Facial Anatomy and Physiology. As a former Senior Aesthetician and Beauty Trainer at several aesthetic medical clinics and salons, Mandy has acquired extensive experience in the field. She believes that everybody has a unique skin type and tailors their treatment plans according to their needs and goals.


Mandy is also the Founder and Artisanal Skincare Maker of multi-award-winning bodycare brand, Mandy T Skincare.

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