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Our eponymous facial treatments have won over the most discerning beauty connoisseurs. Here's what they have to say on the Google Reviews and Social Media ...

“Having tried and tested over 100 different facial treatments, I thought I have experienced it all until I went to Mandy T Skin Lab which is now my favourite in Singapore. If you know, you know!"

Gursheel Dhillion, Editor-in-Chief of Vanilla Luxury  

"Not a fan of one-size-fits-all facial treatments? Then head down to Mandy T Skin Lab, led by veteran Aesthetician Mandy Leena Tan. Rather than just considering your skin type, each bespoke treatment here is tailored according to your skin’s current condition. Mandy’s hydrating facial is a safe and non-invasive procedure that utilises ultrasonic vibration to deeply infuse vitamins, minerals, and essential peptides for maximum absorption. Your skin will get an instant hydration boost, lending it a dewy finish that will have your colleagues asking for your skincare routine."

Singapore Women's Weekly Spa Awards 2023

"I've known Mandy even before she launched her all-natural, eco-friendly bath and body care products. When she told me about Skin Lab, I felt like it was the most natural thing for her to do. No two treatments are the same - Mandy works with the condition of your skin on the day of your visit and customises the treatment plan accordingly. Her Signature Age Antidote treatment is a combination of natural products with modern techniques such as microdermabrasion, ultrasonic vibrations and even cryotherapy to soothe skin redness. My favourite parts of my treatment are the use of natural essential oils to help me ease into the session; an indulgent massage of the head, shoulders, arms and hands while the skin luxuriated in a mask; and a jawline sculpting massage under Mandy's expert hands. What I love about Mandy is that she doesn't push any treatments or products that you don't need. Her space is a calming and private retreat in the midst of the city. I had a lovely afternoon with her and encourage everyone to try her treatments for yourself".

Patricia Chow, Managing Editor of Expat Living 

"Everything about Mandy T’s facial treatment experience is cosy and calming. The space is light and inviting. The treatment layered and thorough. Everything smells divine. And my skins looks incredible afterwards - smooth, dewy and radiant. She’s committed to her craft and it shows."

Stephanie Dickinson, Editor-in-chief of Green Is The New Black

"Treat your mum to a bespoke facial treatment that’s customised to her skin condition at Mandy T Skin Lab, where skin experts will do a one-to-one consultation to recommend a tailor-made plan. The Hydraclear treatment facilitates painless extraction of skin impurities to restore balance and clear the complexion. Meanwhile, the Moisture Boost treatment uses ultrasonic vibration to infuse your skin with vitamins, minerals and essential peptides. It’s safe and non-invasive, and it’ll leave your skin feeling hydrated, firmer and tighter."

Benita Lee, Group Editor of Honeycombers

"The most relaxing facial treatment I have ever had. I trust Mandy with my skin completely, she is very honest and the treatments are tailored to me and my skin. I always walk out looking brighter and fresher."

Cheryl Attard, Investment Banker 

"Today was my first time at Mandy T Skin Lab and it won’t be the last … I really enjoyed the mix of massage and technology and aromatherapy. There were many techniques I had never experienced before and time went like a flash. Mandy has a way with both gentle and firm facial massage which left me reinvigorated and energised. I plan to recommend her to my girlfriends and can’t wait to go back!"

Dr Caroline Brassard, NUS Adjunct Assistant Professor

"I look forward to seeing Mandy at every appointment. Not only are her products beautiful but the entire process is a total luxury. Each session she assesses my skin and makes great treatment recommendations so every session is tailored to me and the needs of my skin. I always leave walking on air with a glowing complexion."

Zeljiana Unkovich, Strategy Director

"Highly recommend Mandy - her facial treatments are amazing and relaxing! She really knows skin types and tailors them to your specific type and concerns."

Katherine Beedle, Owner at Home

"Mandy is highly qualified and the whole experience is of the highest standards. I would highly recommend for men who are looking to look after their appearance plus it’s really relaxing!"

James Beedle, CEO Asia Pacific

"Mandy is amazing! Simply the best facial treatment I’ve ever had!"

Kerry Healy, Accor Chief Commercial Officer

"Absolutely incredible! I loved that it was a very technicle and deep facial treatment which I can see by the results actually makes an impact. Of course there was the spoiling and lovely hand massage. Left walking on a cloud. Thank you."

Shelley Perkins, Accor Senior Vice President

"Mandy is an amazing Aesthetician, the best facial treatments in Singapore! She really invests time and attention to her clients and their skin. Never pushy but respectful, kind and friendly. Super skilled at what she does. You will not be disappointed!

Niamh Flynn, Project Leader

“Mandy T is amazing! She is a highly-skilled, experienced and knowledgeable Aesthetician. She provides individualized facial treatments that are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of your own skin. She is very attentive to details and she has a lovely bedside manner. She provides relaxing, hydrating and anti-aging treatments in an enjoyable environment. She does not try to up-sell you any products, for which I am grateful. I had been seeing Mandy for months before I realized that she actually has her own Mandy T skin care line as well! Once I realized this and I inquired further, I discovered her products had been retailed at the Singapore Red Dot museum and they are made of all natural ingredients. I love them so much that when I was recently invited to a “Favourite Things” Christmas Party I bought Mandy’s skin care products to give as gifts. I highly recommend Mandy’s skin treatments and skin care products. I have not received any monetary gifts for writing this review, I simply adore Mandy!”

Alana MacKinnon

“Great experience with Mandy! She really know how to make you relax while providing a great service. My eyes really look much better after her treatment. More Fresh and younger look in just 30 mins. Highly recommended!"

Samuel Gallo, Mr World Singapore 2020 & Wellness Coach

"Mandy’s warmth and welcoming aura, coupled with her ability to send you into a super relaxing space is what makes her facial treatments really special. Not only does my skin look better, glowy and radiant, but my mind feels rejuvenated and relaxed as well! Love the space and the treatments ❤️❤️"

Sarah Ovais, Legal Counsel

I have been a loyal fan of Mandy’s skincare products since I moved to Singapore from Tokyo 10 years ago before becoming her loyal client at Mandy T Skin Lab. I love her knowledge and passion for how she develops her customised skin treatment protocols. Her lofty treatment room is also beautifully done in neutral tones with natural green plants and a cool view of the harbour. Mandy is truly amazing!”

Seiko Masuda, Business Owner

"I had a facial treatment at Mandy T's yesterday and really enjoyed the experience. Notably, 1) aromatherapy was used in the form of products that have a calm and relaxing smell; 2) great customer experience (no hard sell); 3) customised treatment which resulted in my skin glowing. To top it off, I felt so relaxed during the facial that I even fell asleep! As it is located at level 22 of 79 Anson, I highly recommend it for those who work or live in the CBD area and would like a pampering session!"

Dr Wendy Leong, NUS Adjunct Assistant Professor

"Mandy is truly passionate about skincare and a true pro. She convinced me about how important this treatment is for men too. I am extremely pleased with the results!”

Alex Vruvides, IT Consultant

“It's always a pleasure to see Mandy at her beautiful and cozy treatment room whenever I can. My skin feels so hydrated and soft after every treatment. Mandy has a magic touch!”

Lily Soh, Lawyer

  "Mandy has great empathy with total understanding the needs and requirement for great skincare for all genders. Her passion is to deliver a comprehensive, holistic approach to aesthetics that is bespoke and individually tailored to suit you. A meticulous approach in a SE Asian context means her Red Dot award winning range of skincare products will make you feel invigorated, refreshed and well prepared to face the busy and challenging lifestyle for the demands of Singapore’s humidity and intense business climate in the 21st century. Go on and treat yourself. You deserve to look and be the best you can be!"

Oliver Khoo, Architect

"Mandy takes the time to really understand your skin needs and tailor the treatments for you. My skin is so much better!"

Dr Alison King, Senior Liquid Scientist

"I was very pleased with the results and overall experience. I would definitely recommend and will be returning again."

Ian Sturdy, IT Consultant

"Mandy was very patient and passionate about skincare, even for men's skin. The products she used were very soothing for the skin as well. It was a great, calming experience which went by quickly without me realizing!

Everything is just perfect! From the moment I stepped into Mandy's therapy room until the end of session.
The room has a nice relaxing aromatherapy scent which specially concocted by her. She explained about the treatment at the start so that I could have a relaxed mood during the treatment. I had a HydraClear and eye treatment. I have never felt so relaxed and I could fall asleep during the treatment which rarely happened to me. My skin is so clear and bright and my pores shrunk after the first treatment. Mandy, herself, has a very nice dewy skin which I dream about. I am definitely looking forward to more treatments , especially her famous antidote treatment!"

Fitri Hidajat, Finance Associate

“Mandy's treatments are fabulous! She doesn't just take care of your skin, but she goes the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed. My skin feels great and have never been in better shape,

thanks to Mandy!"

Eileen Tan, Private Banker

"Mandy is very friendly and professional. I had an amazing anti-aging facial treatment and saw an immediate result. Highly recommended!"

Luke Newton, Personal Trainer

"Mandy is super friendly and she caters your treatment to the needs of your skin on the day itself. Her space is very inviting, warm, and relaxing. She is very attuned to the details. The best facial treatment I've experienced."

Megan Canedy

"I really enjoyed my facial treatment with Mandy. Mandy has a kind, soothing, and professional presence, and her space is clean and welcoming. The facial treatment was very relaxing and pain free, and Mandy took into consideration my skin’s particular needs and delivered the treatment I was looking for! She is clearly experienced and talented and I felt well taken care of."

Ahilya Kaur, Wellness Coach & Professional Dancer


"Mandy was very patient and passionate about skincare, even for men's skin. The products she used were very soothing for the skin as well. It was a great, calming experience which went by quickly without me realizing!"

Ron Ng, Investment Adviser

"Wonderful Anti Aging facial treatment. I look and feel 10 years younger!

Very professional service, lovely, and luxurious treatment."

Mary Jephcott, Business Owner

"Mandy is amazing! Great products and service. I am so glad to have met her and the results were almost immediate. I could see the instant glow right after our first session. She is passionate with what she does and is also generous with sharing her knowledge. Already booked in for next session! Highly recommended!

Janice Lee, Pilate Instructor 

"Good skin treatment especially the face massage. I could see the instant effect after that. The extraction was also very effective. The treatment room is cozy and nicely set up, very relaxing especially after a hectic day at work."

Meilin Tan, Sustainability Design Director


"First of all, what a relaxing and beautiful place! Mandy is very professional and her skill is amazing and she gives good tips too. My face had an instant glow right after the treatment. Recommended!"

Shawn Tong, Luxury Hospitality

“When my skin needs special attention, I go and see Mandy. She will discuss my skin treatment goals, and analyze and evaluate my skin condition before she proceeds to treat my skin. She makes an incredible difference in my skin. Thanks for your magic touch, Mandy!”

Gillian Blackman, Journalist 

"I got to know Mandy from a friend's referral and I tried her treatment yesterday! I love the facial sculpting massage and the instant glow after the treatment. I have already booked in for my next session in three weeks!"

Eugenia Yang, Business Owner

"Mandy is passionate about what she does and offers great service and quality products. I really enjoy my sessions with her and notice immediate results."

Christina Cheng, Homemaker

"My favourite treatments are the Gentlemen's Regime and Antidote.

My skin feels so fresh and hydrated after every treatment. No hard-selling here. Love the cozy and relaxing ambience too!"

Kai Biller, Director

"Great treatment! it was clear from the very start that Mandy knows her stuff - she not only gave a thorough treatment but also analysed my skin type beforehand and explained every product and step I asked abut during the session. Overall it was super relaxing and informative session. Thank you!

Ti An, University Student

"Great experience at Mandy T Skin Lab! Her fine hands with superb techniques and I also love the scent of her products! Highly recommend for the Age Antidote treatment! Thanks, Mandy!"

Jazevin Tan-Lian, Shipping Company Director

"5-star service and products!"

Nicolas Pelpel, Finance Director

"Mandy personally performs the most amazing skin treatment. She is well-travelled and well-spoken,

I always ended up chatting with her almost throughout our session! My mum and sister are loyal fans of her skin treatments and products as well!"

Wendy Tay, Business Owner

"Such a wonderful experience. Thank you , Mandy!"

Tanya S, Homemaker

"Superb facial treatment by the Owner of the Skin Lab. She's amazing, really knows her stuff. It was super relaxing and that you get to really rest during the facial!"

Vivi Sim, Operations Lead

 "It was a great 1st session! Very soothing and calming. Very gentle and almost painless extractions. Thank you so much for the experience. Will definitely come back for the next session!"

Molli, Wellness Administrator 

"Great service! No hard-selling and very relaxing, I feel so pampered!"

Tirei Kamide, University Student & Pianist

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